Asparagus, Bacon & Poached Egg
icon nutritional info
288 calories
icon ingredients
6 Asparagus (100 g)
4 Slices Bacon (30 g)
Medium Eggs (1 pcs)
Tbsp Sesame Dressing (10 ml)
Tbsp White Vinegar (10 g)
Pinch Parsley (1 g)

Add some water to a small pot and the white vinegar and put to simmer. Add the egg in a bowl. Swirl the water with a spatula and add the egg inside the middle of the whirlpool. Turn off the heat and cook the egg for 6 minutes exactly. Carefully take it out. 


Fry the bacon until crispy. Cut the stems off the asparagus and fry into the bacon grease. 


Place the asparagus onto a plate, cover with the bacon and poached egg and spoon the sesame dressing over. Add a bit of parlsey over everything.  

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